An Integrated Outlook

What is your Outlook for 2019?  Although the future is unknowable, President Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  So I ask, what are you creating in 2019?

Our firm recently completed our Outlook 2019 (if you’d like a copy, please email me).  The integrated process is an annual ritual which begins in the fourth quarter and is a discipline which can be applied to one’s life:

-          Reading a wide array of perspectives with differing world views,

-          Performing due diligence analysis to fact check and cross reference understanding,

-          Forming a hypothesis of potential scenarios,

-          Debating with trusted peers to obtain candid feedback,

-          Assessing various possible outcomes,

-          Outlining steps to be taken if/when information reveals a particular pattern is emerging.

The process to integrate information results in a thesis framework which does not predict the future, but provides a blueprint in order to create the future. 

Therefore, as we start 2019 with our families, friends, and neighbors, what future do we want to create - relationally, physically, or professionally?

I encourage you to take action in 2019 by reviewing your calendar and re-balancing the allocation of your time to the priorities which will lead toward your successful outcome in 2019.  Perhaps that means reducing time to good things which have become routine and re-allocating time to new endeavors which are life giving to you.  Integrate your planning process to create the Outlook for 2019 you desire.