Integrated England

Have you decided what your Outlook is for 2019… yet?  Previously, I encouraged you to “take action in 2019 by reviewing your calendar and rebalancing the allocation of your time to the priorities which will lead toward your successful outcome in 2019”. 

Earlier this year, my wife and I took out our calendar and knew we wanted to prioritize time for a visit with our daughter in England.  My son-in-law is attending the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School (MBA) and my daughter is teaching English to Chinese students. 

Before I proceed, I want to thank everyone who provided well wishes for our journey.  Once again, the individuals and families I choose to serve are of the greatest encouragement and inspiration to me! 

I’ve been to England several times, including being in meetings the early afternoon of 9/11/2001.  Our country and England have shared history; after all, some have said that the U.S. was the first BREXIT!  The memories of the people with whom I engaged in 2001 provide comforting reflections and a warmth which is not typical. 

What struck me this time was the beauty as seen through my wife’s eyes.  To slow down and take in the architecture, artwork, museums, food, and even a spot of tea.  To walk the streets of London and hidden pathways of Cambridge – both holding wonderful surprises around each corner. 

Although Game of Thrones might be a hit television show today, the gruesome dark reality which existed on Tower Hill London definitely didn’t have us thinking of the ‘good ole days’.  Quite the contrary, the history is amazing, but challenging.  Yet, over the years there have been many splendors created for our enjoyment today. 

So the question is, what are we doing each day to make the world a better place and move it from our version of mid-evil times and toward a world we want to pass on to future generations.So I ask again, what is your Outlook?